Experience the Power of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with a Demo

Overview: What is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a purpose-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that is designed for wealth management and personal banking. This cloud-based platform provides financial advisors with a complete and comprehensive view of their clients’ financial status, allowing them to deliver personalized and relevant information to clients at each stage of their financial journey.

The Financial Services Cloud has emerged as a game-changer in the financial services industry, with its ability to integrate various systems, enhance data security, and streamline workflows. It adds value to wealth management, investment banking, retail banking, and insurance companies, among others.

With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, customers receive tailor-made advice based on their investment goals, risk tolerance, and other personal information. Its intuitive user interface provides financial advisors with quick and easy access to information about clients, records of transactions, and other data used to deliver relevant recommendations.

This CRM tool comes with several key features that make it a valuable tool for financial advisors, including:

1. Integration Capabilities

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud has a unique integration feature that enables it to integrate with any third-party applications that the advisors use daily. This means they can access data from various sources like portfolio management platforms, market research tools, and client on-boarding systems, as well as data coming from other Salesforce tools like Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud.

The integration of these systems improves visibility and data accessibility for financial advisors. Consequently, it offers them a 360-degree view of their clients, including firm data, social media data, employment background, tax status, and more. With this level of integration, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud eliminates the need to switch between multiple systems and tabs by consolidating all relevant data into one place.

2. Collaboration Tools

The platform also comes equipped with collaboration tools that strengthen communication and teamwork between financial advisors and clients. It enables advisors to engage clients in a more flexible and dynamic manner without compromising data security. Through Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, financial advisors can collaborate with clients in real-time to make decisions that benefit their wealth management journey. For instance, clients can make appointments with their advisors and have access to wealth management documents in real-time.

3. Compliance Management

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud has in-built compliance management tools that meet the complex regulatory requirements. These tools act as a safeguard for financial advisors by providing them with a more secure and transparent way to handle sensitive client information. These tools help financial advisors remain compliant with several regulations and policies such as anti-money laundering (AML) policies and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations.

4. Analytics

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud has robust analytical capabilities that provide analytics-related information to financial advisors. It offers real-time insights by creating customizable dashboards and reports and can even pull data directly from third-party applications. Moreover, the analytics feature can provide investment analysis, marketing campaign results, and client updates, helping advisors make data-driven decisions that improve client satisfaction and profitability.

5. Mobile App

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is mobile-friendly, enabling financial advisors to access their clients’ data, the opportunity pipeline, and more on-the-go. With the Salesforce mobile app, advisors can collaborate with clients and colleagues from anywhere, anytime.

In conclusion, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a CRM tool specially designed for financial advisors, providing them with personalized, timely, and relevant wealth management advice to improve their clients’ financial journey. With its advanced capabilities like integration, analytics, and compliance management tools, financial advisors can leverage the platform’s capabilities for better collaboration and compliance management, real-time analytics, and customizable dashboards and reports.


Key Features of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a powerful and integrated platform that enables financial service institutions to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients. It provides an all-in-one solution to manage and track financial data, collaborate with clients and colleagues while staying compliant and increasing efficiency. The Financial Services Cloud comes with a robust set of features that allow institutions to streamline workflow, reduce manual labor and enhance productivity. Here are some key features of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud that every financial institution should know about.


1. Client Profiling and Management

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides a comprehensive view of clients’ profiles in one location. It allows you to quickly gain insights into client preferences, history, interactions and investment profiles. This functionality helps to build a better client experience by providing a complete view of client data. The platform provides AI-powered insights that help to enhance communication with clients and drive revenue growth. It also helps to create more targeted marketing campaigns, increase client retention and reduce churn rate.

2. Automated Client Onboarding

Client onboarding is a critical process for financial service institutions. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides a seamless onboarding experience for clients, from start to finish, without the need for manual intervention. The platform automates the process to streamline workflows and eliminate bottlenecks. With this feature, institutions can create profiles for clients with ease, capture relevant data, assign tasks to employees and even set reminders for follow-up. This automated process drives faster onboarding timeframes, improves the client experience, and ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

The Salesforce Einstein AI integration also enables the automated KYC/AML compliance checks during the onboarding process. This functionality streamlines the compliance process while minimizing operational risks and ensures regulatory compliance. It offers alerts, notifications and updates on any changing regulatory requirements, reducing manual errors, and the need for manual review.

3. Relationship Management

The relationship management feature of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enables institutions to manage relationships with clients and colleagues effectively. It provides a 360-degree view of all interactions, notes, and tasks related to clients, making it easy to manage all relationships in one place. It also allows employees to collaborate in real-time while ensuring complete transparency. With this feature, institutions can manage workflows, assign tasks to different teams, and monitor performance in real-time. The platform also provides automated workflows that help to streamline the review process, increase productivity and drive faster decision-making.

4. Intelligent Forecasting and Analytics

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides intelligent forecasting and analytics to help institutions make data-driven decisions. The platform leverages AI-powered insights to provide a clear understanding of client behavior, preferences, and trends in the market. It also helps institutions to analyze market trends, open opportunities, and highlight areas of weakness. This information enables institutions to stay ahead of the competition, innovate quickly, and identify new business opportunities. The platform also provides detailed reports that provide insights into different aspects of the business, such as sales, marketing, and compliance.

5. Compliance and Security

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is compatible with most regulatory compliance needs. It provides intuitive dashboards and reports, making it easier to comply with necessary regulations. Salesforce also provides secure cloud services that ensure the data privacy and security of clients and institutions. The platform provides advanced security, incorporating two-factor authentication, encryption, and monitoring protocols that help protect against external data breaches.

Financial institutions that use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can rest assured that their data privacy and security are protected, and that at all stages they always remain in compliance with stringent industry requirements. In conclusion, the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the perfect solution for financial institutions that want to increase efficiency, streamline operations, drive customer satisfaction, and mitigate operational and security risks.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is an innovative solution designed to help advisors and financial professionals improve their relationships with clients. It has several benefits that make it an excellent choice for those in the finance industry.

1. Enhanced Client Relationship Management

One of the key benefits of using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is that it enhances the client relationship management process. The solution allows advisors to track and manage all client interaction, from prospecting to account management and beyond. This means advisors can easily access client information, such as communication history, personal preferences, and financial goals, which can be used to create personalized experiences for each client. By using this solution, financial professionals can build stronger, more customized relationships with their clients, which leads to increased loyalty and referrals.

2. Increased Productivity

Another benefit of using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is that it increases productivity. The solution automates many routine tasks that take up a significant amount of an advisor’s time, such as data entry, tracking appointments and follow-ups, and generating reports. By automating these processes, advisors can better focus on high-value activities such as client interaction and analysis, which leads to increased productivity levels.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud also streamlines the entire sales process, from prospecting all the way to closing deals. It provides a single view of the entire client journey, which allows advisors to easily track client progress and provide informed recommendations. Additionally, the solution gives advisors access to a library of best practices and financial planning tools that help them deliver better advice in less time.

3. Improved Regulatory Compliance

One of the top concerns for financial professionals is maintaining regulatory compliance. This is a critical area where Salesforce Financial Services Cloud can provide significant benefits. The solution includes robust compliance features, such as FINRA and SEC reporting, which help advisors meet regulatory requirements without spending significant time and effort on compliance-related tasks.

Moreover, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud keeps track of all client communication and transactions, making it easy to produce an audit trail. This means advisors can stay on top of regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring that they are not caught off guard by regulatory audits and investigations. The solution also provides configurable workflows and rules to ensure compliance with processes and internal policies, further reducing compliance risks for financial professionals.

4. Seamless Integration with Third-party Apps

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud has a wealth of third-party app integrations available, which helps advisors achieve even greater levels of productivity and efficiency. The solution integrates with applications that support everything from client communication and scheduling to asset management and trading. This means advisors can use the applications they are already familiar with, without having to switch between different software platforms throughout the day. The integration of third-party apps also enhances the overall scalability of the solution, as it allows for continuous growth and development in line with current industry trends and demands.

5. Flexibility and Customization

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is designed to be customized to suit each advisor’s unique needs. The solution provides an extensive library of customization options, meaning that each advisor can personalize the platform to fit their specific business processes. This means that advisors can create a solution that is tailored to their specific industry sector, enabling them to enhance customer experience and gain a competitive advantage.

In summary, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is an innovative and flexible solution that provides many benefits for financial professionals. The enhanced client relationship management, increased productivity, regulatory compliance, seamless integration with third-party apps, and ability to customize the platform make it an excellent choice for any advisor looking to grow their business and enhance client experiences.


How to Access Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Demo?

If you are interested in getting to know more about Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and experience its functionalities, you can easily access the demo. Here’s how:

Create a Salesforce developer account

The first step in accessing the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud demo is to create a developer account. This enables you to have access to a sandbox environment where you can play around with the functionalities of the platform without affecting any live data. To create a Salesforce developer account, go to the Salesforce website and click on the “Sign Up” button. From there, you will be directed to a registration page where you will be asked to provide your personal details such as your name, email address, and company name, among others. After providing all the necessary information, submit the registration form and wait for the confirmation email.

Log in to your developer account

Once you have received your confirmation email, use the username and password provided to log in to your Salesforce developer account. Upon logging in, you will be directed to the Salesforce dashboard where you can see your recently viewed items as well as any updates or announcements from the platform.

Enable Financial Services Cloud

To access the Financial Services Cloud demo, you need to enable it first. To do this, click on the App Launcher icon on the top left corner of the page and then select “Sales” from the list of available apps. From there, click on “Create a new Trial” and select “Financial Services Cloud” as your template. Fill out the necessary details such as your name, company size, email address, and phone number, and click on “Start my trial” to begin.

Access the Financial Services Cloud demo

After you have enabled Financial Services Cloud, you can now access the demo. To do this, go to the App Launcher again and select “Financial Services Cloud.” You will then see a dashboard that displays all the features of the platform. You can browse through the different tabs such as Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities to see how the system works and how it can benefit your business. You can also test out its features by creating new records, adding contacts, and generating reports.


With all the features and functionalities of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, it is no surprise that many businesses are considering integrating it into their operations. By accessing the demo, you can see firsthand how the platform works and how it can help you manage your financial services with ease. Just remember to create a developer account, enable Financial Services Cloud, and start exploring. Who knows? You might just find the perfect solution to help you take your business to the next level.


What to Expect from the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Demo?

If you’re wondering what the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Demo is all about, then read on to find out what to expect!

A Brief Overview

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Demo is designed to give you a demonstration of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC), which is a platform that helps financial advisors to better understand and serve their clients. FSC provides a range of features that make it easier for financial advisors to manage their clients’ finances, keep records up-to-date, and provide personalized advice and guidance based on each client’s individual needs and preferences.


The Demo Experience

The FSC Demo experience is designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to use the platform as a financial advisor. When you log in to the demo, you’ll be able to explore the different features of the platform and see how they can be used to manage your clients’ finances. You’ll also be able to input sample client data and see how the platform can analyze it to provide insights into your clients’ financial health.

One of the most exciting features of the FSC Demo is the ability to use Einstein Analytics to gain more insight into your clients’ behavior and preferences. Einstein Analytics uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and provide insights that can help you to better understand your clients and anticipate their needs.

Key Features

The FSC Demo includes a range of key features that financial advisors will find useful, such as:

  • Client Management: A centralized hub for all client-related information, including financial account information, communication history, and more.
  • Opportunity Management: A tool that helps you to track potential business opportunities, set targets, and forecast revenue.
  • Financial Planning: A feature that helps you to create personalized financial plans for your clients based on their goals and preferences.
  • Portfolio Management: A tool that lets you manage your clients’ investment portfolios and monitor their performance over time.
  • Einstein Analytics: An AI-powered tool that provides insights into your clients’ behavior and preferences, allowing you to anticipate their needs and provide more personalized service.

All of these features are designed to make it easier for financial advisors to manage their clients’ finances and provide excellent customer service.


The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Demo is a great tool for financial advisors who want to learn more about how FSC can help them to better serve their clients. Whether you’re just starting out in the financial services industry, or you’re an experienced advisor looking for new ways to provide added value to your clients, the FSC Demo is definitely worth checking out!

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